Regulus Arcturus Black (black_regulus) wrote in reg_and_rab,
Regulus Arcturus Black

Regulus's Journal 004

June 20, 1976

Dear School People:

You lot are going to be very sad this summer because you won't be around to see me everyday.


Master Regulus Black
Heir and Namesake~

Black Estate, London
Black Bar and Pub, Dublin
Black Coin Laundry, Bath
Black Magical Repair and Pawn, Surrey

Bring this letter with you for a 1 Galleon off on any service to Jinxed Kitchen Appliances, or good for ONE free load of Laungry.

[One letter good per family, per year. Offer void where sales are prohibited. Offer not good for Muggle or Mud-Blood heritage, shirts and trousers only. Offer expires July 16, 1976.]

Private to Sirius

Big Brother, I was wondering if you needed me to get you anything from the house, while you wait outside, of course.

Private to Andromeda

Andromeda, you are fortunate. you get TWO free loads of laundry.

Private to Lydia
Lydia, since we now have a vacant room, care to move in? I'll even make it rent free but you have to be nice to me! Come on, you know you want to!

Private to Barty
BARTY,YOUKNOWYOUWANTTOCOMEOVERTOMMOROWRIGHT? You can just come with me as soon as we get to the train station! SLEEP OVER!!! We can play Kick-THE-ELF!!!!

Private to Bellatrix
Bellatrix, tell your Mum that my Mum wants you all over for dinner tommorow night. I think.
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