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Rabastan and Hestia Jones

May 28, 1976

Weensie could be a very annoying cat, Hestia decided as she chased the kitten across the schoolyard. She had decided to take him out of the Common Room for a little while to stretch his paws and maybe let him play by the lake. Weensie, however, had other ideas and had taken off almost as soon as she had set him down. It seemed he was heading toward the greenhouse area, though she couldn't tell why.

As she neared the place in which she had seen her tiny kitten last, doubling over to catch her breath, she had a feeling that she knew WHY he had taken off like he had. On the ground in front of him lay a pile of dead birds- a snack Weensie could hardly ever resist, as she had found out all to well this Christmas. "Get away from that!" she scolded her kitten as she picked him up, kneeling in the grass to inspect the dead birds. It was fairly obvious that they were killed -rather brutally at that- but by what she couldn't tell.

Rabastan had grown much annoyed by his fellow Slytherins and chose to spend the afternoon as well as much into the evening outside. He stood where he usually did outside, with his black hair slightly messy, and shoulders slumped. His uniform was wrinkled, but Rabastan could care less. At hearing something, he turned his head and his eyes fell upon a female student. By continuing to look at her, he discovered by her robes that she was from Hufflepuff. Ah Hufflepuff, what a glorious house, where they sorted only those that clearly had no value in life. Then, upon seeing that she'd come upon his pile of.. his "victims"- the birds he'd become bored in torturing and killing, Rabastan's blank expression did not change. He looked at her cat and mentally frowned. He hated cats nearly as much as he hated birds. "Horrible, isn't it?" he called out suddenly, with a tone of curiosity.

Jumping slightly at the voice, Hestia turned her head to look at the person who had spoken. So intent was she on studying the birds that she hadn't heard anyone approach. "Yeah, it is," she said in reply, looking back at the poor birds. "It looks like they suffered quite a bit before they died, too." She got out her wand and used it to flip one of the dead bodies over, her stomach flipping quite similarly when she felt misplaced bones connect with the wood of her wand.

He felt a smile form upon her face to see her jump at the very sound of his voice. Surely, for that single second, she had feared him. That very thought- to be feared, filled him with an emense happiness. However, Rabastan did not show it. "They were here," he said, now looking across the grounds in the direction towards the lake. "-when I'd arrived. I'd suspect something from the Forbidden Forest got to them." Rabastan returned his gaze to Hestia and gave a mock expression of disgust. "I don't know why you're poking around them like that."

Hestia frowned at the birds, then got up and brushed off her robes, looking at the man in front of her. "I don't like doing it, but it's kind of hard to understand why they died unless they're prodded at," she explained. "I don't really know if it was an anima from the Forest.. Usually when animals kill, they do it for the meat and- " She pointed to the dead bodies on the ground. "Those are rather intact."

She hestitated, biting her lip. She didn't want to believe it, but the idea had merit anyway. "You don't- you don't think that Professor Dumbledore would let something from the Forest get THIS close to the castle, do you? If the attacker was from the forest, I mean.."

Rabastan smirked. Yes, this one easily made it into Hufflepuff and the very sound of her voice was starting to irritate him. However, her simple nervous movment was what drove him to continue to speak to her. "What if he doesn't know about it?" He returned carefully and took a step towards her, bowing his head a little. "Or... What if he does and he hasn't done a thing about it?"

Another frown. Something about how calm he was, the aura about him, just.. ~something~ made her guard go up. Instintively, she took a step back and looked away from him and toward the direction of the lake and the spot she left, which she very much wanted to back at now. "It's.. possible," she said slowly, "that he doesn't know about it. I highly doubt he'd let it continue if he knew. If its getting on grounds and attacking birds, whose to say it won't attack a student next?"

Ah.. a step backward. Yes.. and she even broke eye contact. Rabastan brought his head up and he smiled again. Taking another step towards her, he answered her question, "True. Who's to say that it won't attack either of us.. right at this very moment?"

She stepped back again, only a small centimeter this time and barely noticeable. Her eyerbrows knitted together. Why.. was he trying to scare her? Was that truly his intention or was he just being a boy? "It's possible," she said, trying to keep her voice calm. Dear Merlin, why was she letting him get to her like this? Why wasn't she leaving?

"Very possible," he said, stepping towards her yet again. Rabastan looked down and he realized that he was now standing behind the very pile of birds. Then, without knowing, he flipped one over with his right foot. He did so again, almost as if he were... playing with it in a most innocent sort of manner. Rabastan quickly stopped and turned his head to look at her, his black hair falling over his brow. "I'd say that now, telling by the time of day, our chances of that happening would be increased." He considered what he stated for a moment and let out a quick chuckle. Rabastan shrugged. "But of course, what the fuck do I know?"

Hestia could do nothing but stare in shock and horror as she watched the Slytherin play with the corpses in an almost innocent manner, not even bothering to hide these expressions though something in the back of her mind told her she should. Biting her lip to keep her from making the choked noise that threatened to bubble up, she looked away from the scene. "Nothing is ever certain," she said, her mouth on automatic. She silently applauded herself for not making her voice crack- much. "You can talk to someone and think they're innocent people.. and find out it's the complete opposite." Yeah, her mind agreed with her. They can be freaking psychotic instead. Why was she still standing there? Why wasn't she making an excuse to leave?

He smiled fully now at seeing her expression and even more so as she bit her lip. "Really?" he asked, most curious of what she meant. This Hufflepuff girl.. her name was coming to him now,.. Jones, yes. Hestia Jones. This Jones clearly feared him and Rabastan took in every bit, almost as if he lived on the very emotion she expressed. He also figured now, that she suspected him of killing the birds. If not, why was it she feared him so? "Actually it's no surprise," Rabastan said, considering her statement a second time. "All of us have a true self hidden behind the fake image we put on at the beggining of every day in fear of being realized that we're really fucked up on the inside. It's in life to find out who someone.. really is." He spoke most calmly now. "But it is our own choice if we are to reveal who we really are."

The alarm bells in her head were really ringing now and yet she still couldn't move to get away from him. She clutched her kitten, who she had forgotten was in her arms to her chest. "Not everyone is 'fucked up,' as you say but we all do hide behind a mask. Revealing our true self means that we trust the person enough not to walk away.. from who we truly are." Well, now she knew what happened when she was scared: she sprouted philosophies. Good defense mechanism, Hestia. She took a small step to the side and silently cheered for the movement. She needed to at least move this conversation to where there were witnesses.

His eyes went to her fingers as they dug into her pet. "All of us have things that haunt us from within.." Rabastan reached out with his right hand to pet the cat, but as he did so it started to struggle against her grasp to get away. He smirked. Damn cats anyway. Now, looking up at her, he continued, "..And all of us never truly express what.. we feel." Whether or not her face expressed it, nor her voice, it was always the little things that Rabastan could find. The little things that were loud and clear. Those things that told him she was scared.

She had to repress a glare when he reached out to touch Weensie. No one touched her pet without her permisson. An idea came to her suddenly and she carefully knelt to drop the small kitten to the ground, nudging him to go. Hopefully, he would have the sense to get the hell out of there. Maybe he would go to Kingsley, who would come to investigate.. She watched as the cat sauntered off quite quickly before turning back to the Slytherin whose name she still wasn't quite familiar with yet. "I don't know about haunting exactly, but yes.. we never express what we feel." Like now, she wanted to run back to the castle and huddle in her bed. She wasn't about to tell him that but somehow, she thought, he knew anyway.

He stared at her, his eyes not moving to watch the cat to find out where it would run, for he already knew, back to the castle. Would this foolish woman use that animal as a means of telling someone she was out here.. alone, with him? He didn't know, and he didn't care. Rabastan was starting to fall back into his bad habit now as Hestia's actions were starting to bore him. Slowly then, he removed his eyes from her and turned away. Rabastan now stared at the pile of birds. "They do haunt us. The sort of thoughts.. memories that keep us awake- drive us mad to do things we wouldn't normally do. Yes.. we all have those." He said, purposely trying to sound a bit distant.. a bit.. normal.

Something in the way he said that.. Hestia felt the need to find out more. Staying her ground, not daring to step even another centimeter towards him, she asked, "What sort of memories?" She followed his gaze to the birds, unable to surpress the shudder that went through her. If he, who was so calm in all this, was the one who harmed the birds.. what sort of memories would haunt him to make him do this?

"Childhood ones," Rabastan replied quickly, taking in much of his act. Rabastan knew the weakness of a woman too well- be a tortured, broken man and they cannot help but wish to save you. Oh, but Rabastan had no desire in being saved. He would like instead to have Hestia scream in terror because of him. Cry out, plead because of what he could do to her. Still, he felt that a moment like that would have to wait. Rabastan valued what he learned at Hogwarts and would not waste being kicked out at the cause of a pathetic woman. He crouched down by the pile and titled his head to the right almost as if he were inspecting a puzzle of a sort.

Well that wasn't much of an answer at all, Hestia thought. Just vague enough to be evasive yet giving enough information to at least give her hints. She racked her brain for things that might affect someone's brain like that. She didn't want to be biased and judgemental by saying something snarky about mommy and daddy not wanting him to associate with the wrong type of people.. Instead she settled for, "Well, I can't really relate. The worse childhood memories I have are my parents yelling at me or.. me getting too curious for my own good and nearly getting limbs munched off." She blinked at that. She babbled when she was nervous.. and she was way passed that stage, though slowly calming down.

He smirked, being himself for a second only to quickly return to the poor, sad Rabastan. Parents yelling and limbs nearly getting nabbed out of her own stupidity. Surely, she still had her arms and legs and a bit of screaming didn't wound her too badly. Jones clearly didn't hate her mum or dad as much as he loathed his own for what they'd done to him. Rabastan stood and walked the few steps away from her, returning to where he first stood. He said nothing, but intently stared down at the ground.

Hestia stood in silence, glancing back toward the castle. She didn't know what else to say really. SHe knew her life wasn't bad, it never had been and she was thankful for it. Which is why she said she couldn't really relate. Biting her lip once more and wondering when she'd gnaw a hole in it, she looked back toward the Slytherin. "It doesn't mean that I'm not willing to try and understand, though. That is, if you can stand talking about such things with a Hufflepuff." She tilted her head to look at his profile. He was handsome,she would give him that.. but she still wouldn't quite touch him with a ten-foot pole. Yet here she was, offering help! She wondered about herself sometimes. "I mean, I don't even really know your name."

"It's no surprise that you do not, for I'm not like most loud mouths in class. However, If I wanted you to know my name, you would already know my name." Rabastan titled his head towards her and gave an eerie smile. "But I know yours...."

Hestia raised an eyebrow feeling very uncomfortable with this. 'Do you?"

Rabastan nodded. "I do."

"And how do you know this, might I ask?"

Sighing, he again looked away. Now Rabastan wished that she'd simply return to the castle. Yes, the fun was gone now. However, why did he continue to want to scare her if she was bothering him so? "We're both fifth years." Now he just felt like being difficult. "Figure the rest out for yourself."

Hestia thought for a moment. "..I thought it had something to do with Skeeter's article and the dance." She shruged and turned in the direction of the castle. She could almost.. feel that he was getting annoyed with her.

"I never bother to read that trash." Rabastan casually walked towards her again and stopped, giving her a vacant stare.

She raised an eyebrow at his coming toward her, tensing up out of reflex. WHen he stopped, she could only be curious. "Well, I'm relieved that ~some~ people don't, even if it's not exacatly trash. Just.. exagerrated." Why did he stop? Not that she wasn't glad, but why did he stop?

"Curious things, birds are.." He changed the topic, flicking his eyes to the ground at the nearly featherless things. "And their blasted singing drives me.. absolutely.. mad." Rabastan smiled again, not looking at her. Surely that was enough to make her go away. He'd gone outside to get a bit of quiet from the Slytherin Common Room to begin with. Had he known a fifth year Hufflepuff female would be dragging on a conversation with him, he much rather would have enjoyed arguing with Crouch or Black.

Hestia could only grunt in a noncommental sort of way. Was he confessing to..killing those birds? That, somehow had given her the will she needed to get out of there, what the Slytherin though of her be damned. "Well, maybe next time you'll do a silencing charm rather than torture and kill them," she said. Before he could answer, she walked toward the castle as fast as she could. SHe didn't want him to see her running after all.

He watched her go and started to laugh. Rabastan had won, he knew it. Driving fear into those he considered weaker than he seemed to give him a new meaning to life. He chose then, that doing so would be his next form of entertainment. Perhaps then he wasn't done with Hestia after all? That day he was, but in the future maybe not.
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