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Regulus Arcturus Black

Rabastan and Barty

June 2, 1976

*slips quietly down into the common room. It's late but he can't sleep. His head is so full of herbology he's afraid it'll leak out of his ears.*

*looks up from inspecting the scars on his arm out of his own self multiation, seeing Barty Crouch enter the Common Room. He rolls his eyes and folds down his left sleeve, not wanting to be bothered with questions about his wrist. He said nothing, but just watched Barty walk.*

*It was so dark down here. Barty scratches his nose and sits right next to Lestrange, no even knowing he's there. There has to be something to do this late at night.*

*smirks* Still raping House Elves, Crouch? *He spoke as if he were talking to the wall, and not to Barty.*

*Barty jumps with a noise akin to a small animal being squashed. He backs away quickly, heart pounding in his chest.*
Don't fucking DO that!

*lets out a laugh and turns his head towards him* Why not?

Scared the shit out of me
*he scowls, groping about for a chair and sitting down* Whatch are you doing down here anyway?


Just sitting?

That's right.

Yeah right... *Barty grins nastily* Bet you were wanking off.

*rubs his forehead* You wish, Crouch. I bet that's why you even sat next to me. Hoping to catch me wanking off.

Ha. Betting you just wanted me to catch you. What were you doing though, really

What, don't believe me that I was just sitting here?

Only an idiot would sit around in the dark doing nothing.

.... Then I am an idiot, and so are you. *sighs* Looks like to me you were planning on doing the same thing.

*Barty goes red, sputtering as he tries to think of something to say*

You really are an idiot, Crouch.... *mutters, folding his arms across his chest as he sits there*

*sits in silence for a minute* Wanna do somethin?

*opens his mouth to say no, but... for some bloody reason, he's curious* ....Do what, exactly?

Anything. I'm bored. *he lets his head fall back and stares at the dark ceiling*

Anything, hmm?...


Even cause small animals pain? *asks quite casually*

Eh? *Barty looks at him* Like what animals?

*raises his brows at him* Any you can get your hands on.

The smaller ones are easier to control, obviously.

*scoffs, laughing a bit* Though, I must say it gets fucking boring after a while.

I know. *Barty laughs too, although he's never even kicked a puppy*

..Do you? *leans forward and looks at him, not believing it* When? And what?

Er... *he thinks for a bit* All sorts of things. Cats...owls...things like that..

What did you do to them?

You know...the usual stuff. Kinda gruesome actually. Killed a few too...

Actually, I want to know the details. *lowers his brow*

I twisted off a kitten’s head... *he paused then added* With my teeth! *Almost as soon as he said it he knew he was lying a bit too much...but...maybe Lestrange would believe him.*

Yes...... of course you did.

I did! *sits up and glares* and there was blood everywhere and eyeballs and stuff!

Don't lie to me, Crouch. *He says in a serious tone.*

Why not? *he folds his arms* Not that I am.

*stares at him and looks away* Clearly, you wish to impress me with your lies, and I must say that it isn't working.

I could impress you! Just give me a small animal and I'll torture it right away. *thinking* Ha. Where's he going to find one this time of night?

*rolls his eyes* Like I have a bloody bunch of them in my pocket. You've never done anything, admit it.

*grumbles* Well I've thought about it...

Look, if you wish to impress me.. *Though, I'm not sure why, he thought.* Then do me a little favour.

Not that I want too...but what? *Barty's unable to resist*

Check up on Travis Wilkes for me and make sure he's said nothing about me to anyone. He should know what you're talking about. I would do it myself, but I want you to do it for me.

Do that, and I just might consider you my first friend. *smirks, right. Like he'd ever do that..*

Okay! *Barty sits straight up. Then seems to slouch a bit.* Er...who's Travis Wilkes?

Find out on your own. Ask around.

Right! And I'll kick him too! Make him wish he'd never met me! *Barty* grins

Yes.. you do that. *rolls his eyes and mutters - Idiot*
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